Pharmacology is a scientific discipline that describes the effect of drugs on biological system. The branch employs scientific principles and experimental techniques of its own, as well as various other disciplines such as physiology, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, genetics and structural biology.
The department of Pharmacology in our institution was established in the year 2014 with a good infrastructure and dedicated faculty to educate students in undergraduate and post-graduate level. The department has centralized animal house approved by CPCSEA (1527/PO/Re/S/11/CPCSEA) for conducting experiments on mice, rat, guinea pigs and rabbits. Major research foci of our department are in the areas of cancer pharmacology, neuro-pharmacology, immune-pharmacology, inflammation, diabetes and obesity to identify the pathophysiological basis of disease and to discover new therapeutic approaches.

Faculty members:
Dr V. Rajesh M. Pharm, Ph.D. Professor and Head
Mr. S. Venkatesh Assistant Professor
Ms. Bhavya Sivadas P Assistant Professor
Mrs. Saheera K M Lecturer
Key features of the Department:
  • Identify and validate novel small molecules with significant pharmacological potential.
  • Screening of new chemical entities for pharmacological activities (In-vitro and In-vivo).
  • Toxicological screening of active principles.
Recent research publications: 10
Major equipments in Department
  • Elevated Plus maze
  • Y-Maze
  • Radial maze
  • Clinical chemistry analyzer
  • Digital Cook’s Pole climbing apparatus
  • IR-Actophotometer
  • Digital Eddy’s hot plate
  • Digital Rota-rod apparatus
  • Plethesmograph
  • Double unit organ bath and Sherrington rotating drum
  • Digital Tele thermometer
  • Digital Electroconvulsiometer