Pharmacognosy is believed to be the oldest of the modern sciences that involves the study of physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of natural drugs (crude drugs), including the search for new drugs from natural sources. The subject is one of the core branches in the pharmacy curriculum and therefore found an important place of our college academic set up. The department trains the students in all aspects of natural products including latest developments in the scientific field, herbal product development, drug discovery and development from natural products. The department of Pharmacognosy caters to the modern needs of Industry by providing conducive ambience for learning and develop skills to befit the industrial and academic demands.

Faculty members:
Dr. M. Surendra Kumar, M. Pharm., Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Head i/c
Mrs. Jyothi M. Joy, M. Pharm. Assistant Professor
Mrs. Remya S.V. M. Pharm. Assistant Professor
Ms. Athira. A. M. Pharm. Lecturer.
Key features of the Department:
  • Phytochemical analysis of crude drugs, extracts, essential oils and herbal formulations
  • Preparation of herbal formulations.
  • Standardization of crude drugs.
  • Isolation of phytopharmaceuticals.

Recent research publications: 12 Workshop/Training programme conducted
  • Guest lecturers was conducted in the following topics-
  • Herbal cosmetics and Nutraceuticals.
  • Isolation, Characterization and Bio assay methods in natural products.
  • Herb-Drug Interaction: Pharmacist Responsibility.

Major equipments:
  • Incinerator.
  • Muffle furnace.
  • Hot Air Oven.
  • Hot plates.
  • Centrifuge.
  • UV Detector